There are many different types of roles that our amazing team of 300 volunteers fulfil. Roles include:

  • Collecting food from supermarkets
  • Sorting through donated food
  • Packing food parcels
  • Packing recipe bags 
  • Preparing fresh fruit and vegetable bags
  • Delivering food parcels
  • Fundraising and raising awareness
  • Making calls to clients as part of One Can Community Support

Collecting Food

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Collecting food from supermarkets
Collecting food from supermarkets
Local business
Collection of food from schools and local businesses
Food drives
Food Drives
collecting food
Collecting food as a Street Hero

Processing Food Donations

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One can packing food parcels
Packing food parcels
Packing recipe bags
Packing recipe bags
Preparing fresh fruit and veg
Preparing fresh fruit and veg
Sorting through donations
Sorting through donated food
Delivering Food Parcels

Delivering Food Parcels

We continue to use the driver delivery model, introduced during COVID, as an effective way to distribute a high volume of parcels. We are trialing the opening of a small number of ‘hubs’ from where local clients may collect their parcels. We continue to monitor the effectiveness of this model.

Drivers use their own vehicles and are therefore required to have a fully insured car with valid MOT. If you are hoping to volunteer as a driver, please check your insurance will cover you delivering parcels on our behalf. All drivers are required to show their driving licence and satisfy DBS requirements before commencing their volunteer role with us. Drivers must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs whilst volunteering for us.

Where possible, we try and allocate areas that are convenient to where our drivers live and drivers typically deliver parcels to 4-6 homes per shift.

Insight Programme Volunteers

One Can Community Support

In 2021, we started a programme whereby a team of volunteers contacted clients. Initially, it was to gain feedback on food parcels but in more recent times, calls have provided an extremely useful opportunity to better understand clients’ situations and identify what help is needed to improve those situations. Volunteers make the calls in our offices at Duke Street.

If you have a background in mental health, counselling, social support work etc and would like to join our small, dedicated team of volunteers to perform this new and important component of One Can Trust’s service, please get in touch.
or 01494 512 277



Due to COVID, our external fundraising events were curtailed. However, as we move forwards, we hope to do more events in the community. In the past we have run successful quiz nights and we look forward to being able to host similar events again.

Local organisations are incredibly kind organising fundraising events and we are immensely grateful for everyone’s support. Please let us know if you would like any banners or flyers to help with such an event.

Volunteer Shift Times

Volunteer Shift Times

Most volunteers work a 2-hour shift at Duke Street during our core hours are 08:30am – 3:30pm. Mornings tend to be busier as we’re busy preparing food parcels for our drivers. We also have evening teams who continue to sort through donations.

Emptying customer supermarket collection cages can be carried out at any time whereas collection of supermarket surplus food needs to happen at specific times.

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How to apply to be a volunteer with One Can Trust

If you are interested in volunteering, please complete the online volunteer form and indicate your preferred times for helping us plus those tasks that you are keen to do. 

We couldn’t run the operation without our amazing team of volunteers and we’d love to welcome you into that team.