We are so grateful to our friends and supporters at Marks and Spencer and Waitrose who have come up trumps in our continuing time of need and been able to donate bags to our emergency food bank.

Food parcels – the COVID-19 emergency

We are in unprecedented times as we all know, and the challenges around delivering food parcels to those in crisis become all the more serious when we are under pressure from all sides. Suffice to say, those in need of emergency food parcels will find these times even more challenging than the rest of us, so we are doing all we can to keep things moving.

Local Supermarkets donate bags

We find ourselves in need more than ever of a range of tinned and canned foods – food donations are dropping as people’s priorities change in these worrying times, and we need to get the message out that your food donations are as invaluable as ever. Cash donations are also key to our ability to run the food bank, but the practical things cannot be forgotten – bags! We have to pack our parcels in bags of course, and we are delighted that Marks & Spencer and Waitrose in Beaconsfield have today each donated 500 Bags for Life. We will be issuing pre-packed bags only for the foreseeable future as the COVID-19 situation unfolds, so this donation is very much appreciated – it helps with the emergency action we are having to take to simplify our offering to minimise the number of volunteers required. As you can imagine, that is essential now as people start to self-isolate, and many of our volunteers are in the over 70 age group.

Your local food bank – can you help?

Our mission is to bring together everyone who can help to run our foodbank, and to provide the organisation and the fundraising that is necessary to get food parcels to those in crisis. if you can help in any way please do get in touch: