One Can Trust Street Heroes

Street Heroes

When the pandemic hit, our local community rallied, collecting food from friends and neighbours. Our ‘Street Hero’ movement was formed and continues to provide significant donations of food and other essential items. Could you be a new Street Hero? If you would like to get involved, please click here to complete an online form. Thank you.

Child at food drop off point
Happy children supporting One Can Trust

One Can Street Heroes – getting started 

Simply place a plastic tub outside your house or perhaps in your place of work – we have plenty if you don’t have one. We can also provide a bright yellow sign to let people know that you are collecting. Current ‘Wants and Needs’ are communicated via a WhatsApp group and also via a monthly update.

Please click here if you’d like to subscribe and receive updates. Please also email One Can and let us know if you start collecting for us (

One can trust food drop off point

Letting people know that you are collecting

Facebook and WhatsApp platforms are effective at raising awareness and good old-fashioned flyers through doors work equally well too! We can provide a template and/or print them too if necessary. 

One of our Street Heroes goes out walking with her little dog, Robbie, and he carries One Can flyers in his little saddle bag. His owner tells us that Robbie elicits all sorts of wonderful conversations from passers-by!

Getting the donations to One Can Trust

Click here for more information in the ‘Donations at the warehouse’ section.

Anything else?

We’d love you to take a few pictures and email them to us ( so we can inspire others on our website and social media pages.

Thank you so much for becoming part of the Street Hero team! If you would like to know about other ways to help, there’s more information in the ‘Volunteer’ section.

One Can Dog