Easter opening

Please be advised that our warehouse in Duke Street will be closed on 19th April and 22nd April. We will process referrals between 10am-12pm on these...

New enhanced healthier food parcels.

With the help of Food Nutritionist David Titman, we are trialling new healthier, more nutritionally balanced food parcels. Our aim is to provide food that is higher in protein and lower in sugar. This will enable our clients to make versatile filling meals. We would...

Items needed!

Thank you so much for all your generous donations. Thanks to our VERY generous community, our food store is very well stocked. If you are thinking of popping an extra item in your basket, rice, tinned potatoes, tinned meat meals and Angel Delight would be much...

Please help us to build our stocks

  Our stocks of tinned meat meals, tinned ham and corned beef are running low. Could you help us to fill our shelves. We are very grateful to our community for keeping our donation boxes full by  donating food in Supermarkets, Churches and Mosques.

****Urgent needs****

We have been very lucky to receive lots of food donations from Harvest Festivals. However, our warehouse is still low on some foods. Please can you help us to build up our stocks of long life milk, Jelly and tinned rice pudding?