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Four million more people in the UK are living on inadequate incomes in modern Britain than 5 years ago.

Millions of ‘just about managing’ families are on the tipping point of falling into poverty as wages continue to stagnate and prices rise in the shops, with forecasts showing the cost of living could be 10% higher by 2020.

The One Can Trust foodbank exists to help those individuals and families who find themselves in a time of crisis by supplying emergency food parcels and this Lent, we want to Lift The Lid on poverty in South Bucks.

We are asking our amazing supporters to help us by donating money to keep our project secure and sustainable, so we can be here for as long as we are needed to help. £40 will pay for 4 family size food parcels, covering the cost of getting the food to the families who need it, when they need it. 

Lift The Lid this Lent

This Lent, we want to encourage you to grab an empty can, and pop a coin in every day.

Then at Easter, donate your gift to us.

When we know how many donations we have recieved, we’ll build a tower of cans, with one can for every person who has donated.

We’ll share the tower with those in power to show we won’t stay quiet on people in our towns and villages who don’t have enough to eat.

And we’ll share it with those our food parcels help to let them know we won’t let them struggle on their own. 

How to give

Visit the foodbank store on Easter Monday between 9am-12noon – drop off your donations, have a tour and see the foodbank.

Click here for a variety of convenient ways to donate your gift to us – and don’t forget to add Gift Aid.

Please share photos of your collections with us – email, Facebook, Twitter….

If you’d like Gift Aid envelopes/forms, please get in touch.

If you’d like to donate food rather than money, that’s great too. Click here for our current needs list.


Click here to download a poster you can use to advertise the campaign.


PS – we know if you count Sundays there are 46 days in Lent – but that doesn’t work as well as a catchy slogan 😉