After her recent appeal on Wycombe Sound for more volunteers to join our One Can Street Heroes campaign, our trustee Jo Ollis made her way to the car park behind Marks & Spencers in Beaconsfield last week to ask local shoppers to help with food donations for our emergency food parcel service.

Food Bank – cash and food donations welcome

On arrival there were already people with bags of donations waiting for her. One person came over to donate £20 – she said she had heard Jo on the radio that morning and wanted to become a street hero. How’s that for an immediate response? If you’d like to know more about ways to donate, visit our website here.

Jo takes it from here:

One Can Street Heroes

“The afternoon started as a nice one – bright and warm at 2pm when I arrived, However, the weather started to change as the minutes ticked by, and after an hour the forecasted rain set in.







Lots more people turned up to donate and give me moral support as the afternoon progressed. Thank you to everyone in Beaconsfield who came out to support One Can Trust 🙏”


donations one can food bank




food donations one can food bank





Join our One Can Street Heroes

We are so delighted to see the response to our street heroes campaign – if you would like to get involved and become a #onecanstreethero click on the link below or get in touch via our website.





One Can Street Heroes - food bank donations