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With families across Bucks struggling to feed themselves during the summer holidays, the Bucks Free Press has launched a campaign to support a vital foodbank in High Wycombe.We’re hugely grateful to Andrew, Stephanie and the team at the Bucks Free for highlighting the growing need for food aid in our town and county.

The team form the BFP visited us last week, bringing a generous donation of food collected at their HQ. They saw the warehouse, listened to our story and heard that we’re serving 50% more people this year than last.

We’re so excited about this partnership. The foodbank officially became a charity in 2012, and we know there are still people in South Bucks who don’t know we exist – and coupled with the fact food poverty is often kept behind closed doors, we want to shine a light on the work our team and volunteers do to bring relief to those in crisis.

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Photo credit: Bucks Free Press: L-R Managing editor, Andrew Colley, Heather Stanley, One Can trustee, and Stephanie Wareham, chief reporter at the BFP