1st Booker Brownies chose to do their ‘good turn’ this festive season for the foodbank! They have been busy over the last month making lovely crafts to sell, making games for guests to play and writing invitations to all their favourite people to invite. They ran their festive fundraiser at Christ the Servant King in Booker where they meet. The Everyone Can Sing choir who also meet there on a Tuesday gamely guessed the name of the teddy and the number of sweets in the jar – and kindly  made refreshments for all the guests.

Sarah, one of the Brownies has been busily knitting Christmas tree decorations which she sold for £1 each! They sold out in 5 minutes! Sarah will be getting her Toymaker badge for her amazing creations. 23926471_10155996813813804_7929609981358910968_o

And what did they raise? A whopping £219! Thank you to all the girls, leaders, volunteers, family and friends who made their evening such a success.  And our warmest thanks from the foodbank – you’ve made such a difference to people who need a bit of help!