Who We Are

team-for-webIt all started in 2011 with some cans in a cupboard. A small group of people saw a growing need for organised emergency food aid in High Wycombe and started trying to help. Within a few months, we had a locker at Big Yellow and had starting working with organisations who work directly with people who are struggling. In 2012 we had grown so much, and needed to stabilise and make the project sustainable so we applied for and became a charity. In recent years our staff team has grown significantly; however, we’re still a volunteer-led organisation.

We are seeing a huge increase in the amount of people who need emergency food aid – and support over the longer term. We will always support those people our referring partners send to us for food aid, working with them to resolve the crises that lead people to needing help. We never turn anyone away who is referred to the foodbank.

One Can Trust is a project run by the people of South Bucks, for the people of South Bucks.

One Can Trust 

– The Vision: Our vision is to be here in South Bucks to help anyone in our local community who is desperate with hunger, for as long as we have to.

– Mission: We bring together everyone who can help to run our foodbank, and we provide the organisation and the fundraising that is necessary to get food parcels to those in crisis.

– Values 

We operate with openness and integrity – in all our actions we will operate openly and transparently, sharing the reasons behind any decisions we make and how these will progress the delivery of the vision.  We value everybody in our community equally, and strive to maximise the impact we can have notwithstanding any individual’s faith or background

We are driven by our volunteers – in this we can ensure that all who work with us are united in delivering our vision for the greater good of our community.

We are led by and support our community – our initiatives are driven bottom up, deriving their strength from the community they serve, with our actions guided and focussed by the wishes of the community

We strive for excellence – we aspire to deliver all we do to the highest possible standard, and in this show that poverty does not mean that we cannot achieve the best in all we do

We recognise the value of the individual and the power of community – in humbling ourselves to a common purpose we can each contribute to something far beyond the reach of any one of us, strengthened by our collective values and supporting one another as we need it

Board of trustees:
Graham Peart – Chair
Peter Green – Treasurer                                                                                                                                          
Peggy Peckham – Food donations
Kate Brewster – Fundraising
Jo Ollis – Operations
Andy Ford – Marlow focus, grant applications

Philip Hynard 


Foodbank Manager: Cara Nightingale

Foodbank Administrator: Jayne Motlagh 

Foodbank Administrator : Kenan Motlagh

Foodbank Warehouse Manager: Richard Fitzgerald

Food bank Warehouse Assistant : Rob Giorgi

Food Procurement Manager : Jo Belshaw 


Download a copy of our latest Trustee report and Financial report – year ending August 2019.

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