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One Can_DUNCAN-03Since 2011, One Can Trust has operated a foodbank based in High Wycombe, serving the town and South Buckinghamshire – up to Princes Risborough and out to Beaconsfield. For foodbanks that cover other nearby areas click here.

Growing quickly to address a growing crisis of food poverty we collect over £280,000 worth of food every year from all over the community.

We sort it, store it and create food parcels that have fed 68,647* adults and children.

We partner with 15 front line agencies who refer people to us for food aid. Click here to view a list of our referring partners.

We have scores of collection points and have worked with schools, churches, community groups, supermarkets and businesses of all sorts as well as our core of approximately 120 volunteers. From our store, we are able to pack and send out approximately 450 parcels a month.


When the lockdown was introduced our operation had to change overnight – we lost 80% of our work force due to age and vulnerability, all our hubs had to close, and the struggle for donations was at its peak due to panic buying.

Since March we have home delivered every parcel to clients – this has meant recruiting a team of volunteer drivers and packing went from just twice a week to 5 times a week.

With our work force numbers low, many furloughed individuals stepped up help at One Can Trust.

How did we get donations? This is when our Street Hero campaign was born, individuals in our community set up a donation box on their front lawn and doorsteps and asked their neighbours for donation of food. 90% of the food we supply to our clients is generated by our incredible army of Street Heroes.   

In the months following lockdown, we were supporting around 2000 people per month (2156 throughout May)including over 1000 children. Therefore, our demand for support almost tripled in the 3 months between February and May.

  • We provided over 900 food parcels to those in need in May
  • In June – we provided 848 parcels, and supported 1030 adults & 692 children  
  • In July – we provided 781 parcels, and supported 953 adults & 804 children
  • In August – we provided 730 parcels, and supported 864 adults & 703 children


Food aid reaches people through our network of food pick up centres, via our team of deliverers and through partners who have referred their clients.

Inspired by and building on the success of the foodbank we are hoping to start new projects that share its characteristics and community building character.  We are open to ideas.  Have you got an idea we can help with? Please get in touch.

We are a registered charity, number 114866.


*Figures up until end of August 2020


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