On 4th December, the 1st Holtspur Scouts visited Sainsbury’s in Beaconsfield  to undertake a ‘One-Can Challenge’.
The Scouts were in teams of 4 with a budget of £12, from this budget, they had to buy a minimum of 20 items, each beginning with a different letter of the alphabet which could be used by a family of 3. These items had to include at least 2 non-food items and 1 ‘free-from’. They also had to take into account the items requested by One-Can on the box in Sainsbury’s. The purpose of the exercise was to get the Scouts to think about how difficult it is to feed a family on a very small budget, particularly if you also have to think about the cost of fuel to cook it.  The Scouts bought in excess of 110 different items with their limited budget of £66, all of which was donated to One Can at the end of the evening. Has your group or organisation taken part in a similar challenge? We’d love to hear about your challenges!