Urgent Needs:

Tinned ham and corned beef
UHT Milk
Tinned meat meals
Toilet rolls
vegetables, carrots, green beans, mushrooms

Be a workforce superhero

Can you be a workforce superhero and organise a ‘bring a can to work week’ at your workplace?

The foodbank is desperately low in a few essential food items and we’re struggling to put together nutritious food parcels for our clients.  Please let us know if you’re collecting by calling or emailing us so we can make sure we’re open to receive your donations.

Click here for a shopping list of our most needed items.


Who we are

One Can Trust seeks to develop community based projects, drawing together people from many different backgrounds, of all faiths or none to solve the issues of inequality and poverty.


What we do

Our first major project is the One Can Trust Foodbank, providing food to people across South Bucks who find themselves in times of crisis.