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There was quite an unusual sight on the playground on Wednesday morning at St Paul’s School, Wooburn Green as the PTA launched a new, original competition.

The challenge was adapted from a previous competition which ran just before the Easter break. Children would bring in a bar of chocolate each and place them end to end on the playground. The longest line woust-pauls-2ld be the winning class. Bars were then grouped into small hampers to be raffled off.

This competition was resurrected this year but adapted to support the foodbank!

Children and parents showed their competitive side as extra-large packets of cereal and long tubes of biscuits were placed on the lines. The children were very excited as they watched the lines grow!

Steph Clay, our project manager watched with excitement as the seven long lines of tins, packets and bottles the generous families had donated grew and grew! She said: ‘We’re hugely grateful to the children and parents at St Paul’s. You’ve donated a huge stash of staple ingredients and goodies! And we’re inspired by the One Can Trust Line. I am sure you have started a trend that many other schools will follow, swelling the stores of the charity further.’

If you’d like to fundraise or donate to the foodbank – please, get in touch!