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Children from schools local to Henley have been doing something amazing for those less fortunate than themselves, and getting their hands mucky at the same time!

The team at the learning centre at the River and Rowing Museum have been helping children grow vegetables in Mr McGregor’s Garden at the Museum. Once the veggies are fully grown, the prooduce will be donated to the foodbank and be added to food parcels. We’ll also share it across our hubs so those visiting and packing their own parcels can choose some lovely homegrown goodies!

IMG_7788Steph, our foodbank Project Manager, joined the children as they planted seeds.

“They were so excited to be part of this project and even more so when we chatted about how what they were growing would be helping people who need a little bit of food at a difficult time.”

We can’t wait to see how their garden grows! Our huge thanks go to the whole team at the Museum and all the children and teachers who are taking part. You’re changing lives for the better!