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It was recently reported that girls across the UK are skipping school when they have their period because they cannot afford sanitary products. One teenager told the BBC she taped toilet roll to her underwear and missed school “every month” because of her period.

Sanitary collection at WISE mosqueWe shared this story with our supporters via social media, and as always, their generosity shines through!

Donations of sanitary products have risen, with one supporter telling us she hadn’t noticed them on our shopping list before but intended to make it her regular gift when out shopping at her local supermarket where there’s a One Can collecting point.

Saima got in contact and let us know about a collecting point, right,  she has set up at her mosque. She’s also had people delivering donations to her at home which she is passing along to the foodbank.

We put sanitary products in our emergency parcels when requested by our front line partners, and we pass them on to local refuges and shelters where women often arrive with very little in the way of personal possessions.

If you’d like to set up  collecting point for any of the items on our shopping list, please get in touch. You, like Saima, will make a huge difference to people who just need a little help at a difficult time. Thank you.